Founded in 1969, Marving was among the first Italian companies to produce complete 4-in-1 exhaust systems for maximoto, succeeding in establishing itself in a short time on the world market.

Today, as more than 40 years ago, Marving technicians and workers are committed to create quality products by providing an efficient and quality service.

The entire production cycle takes place internally, from the raw material to the finished product to ensure constant control over the product.

The quality of each individual product is carefully controlled step by step, from riveting to finishing, to end up in packaging and storage.

Every Marving exhaust is studied in detail from the creation to the placing on the market.

The passion and attention to detail that have always characterized the company make the Marving exhaust systems unique and up to the most demanding motorcyclist.

Satisfying two-wheel lovers is our main goal.

Choosing Marving therefore means having an exhaust designed with extreme care, easy to install and 100% Italian.